Handbook of Enology, Volume 2: The Chemistry of Wine - Stabilization and Treatments, 2nd Edition

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Handbook of Enology, Volume 2: The Chemistry of Wine - Stabilization and Treatments, 2nd Edition

Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon (Editor), Yves Glories (Editor), Alain Maujean (Editor), Denis Dubourdieu (Editor)

Begagnad bok i mycket fint skick. En avancerad fackbok på 400 sidor. Senaste upplagan kostar nypris cirka 2500 kr.

The Handbook of Enology Volume 2: The Chemistry of Wine Stabilization and Treatments uniquely combines chemical theory with the descriptions of day-to-day work in the latter stages of winemaking from clarification and stabilization treatments to ageing processes in vats and barrels. The expert authors discuss:

Compounds in wine, such as organic acids, carbohydrates, and alcohol.

Stabilization and treatments

The chemical processes taking effect in bottled wine

The information provided helps to achieve better results in winemaking, providing an authoritative and complete reference manual for both the winemaker and the student.


Part One The Chemistry of Wine.

1 Organic Acids in Wine.

2 Alcohols and Other Volatile Compounds.

3 Carbohydrates.

4 Dry Extract and Minerals.

5 Nitrogen Compounds.

6 Phenolic Compounds.

7 Varietal Aroma.

Part Two Stabilization and Treatments of Wine.

8 Chemical Nature, Origins and Consequences of the Main Organoleptic Defects.

9 The Concept of Clarity and Colloidal Phenomena.

10 Clarification and Stabilization Treatments: Fining Wine.

11 Clarifying Wine by Filtration and Centrifugation.

12 Stabilizing Wine by Physical and Physicochemical Processes.

13 Aging Red Wines in Vat and Barrel: Phenomena Occurring During Aging.



Professor Emeritus Pascal Ribereau-Gayon; Editor, Coordinator and Author; Université Victor Segalen, Bordeaux, France.

Y. Glories and D. Dubourdieu, Faculty of Enology; Victor Segalen University of Bordeaux II Talence, Fance.

A. Maujean, Laboratory of Enology, University of Reims-Champagne-Ardennes.

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: 2000

Type: Hardcover


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